Durnan the 6th

Shrewd former adventurer, human male


Durnan the 6th is a former adventurer who spends his time monitoring The Yawning Portal tavern. He makes a great deal of money by encouraging and collecting bets on how long adventurers going into Undermountain will survive.

It is rumored that he has taken a bit of a liking to the party after their actions in destroying the ooze swarm has restored the viability of his shady business. If so, it is possible that he may have other potential work for them, or he could connect them with important contacts around Waterdeep.

Durnan the 6th put the party in contact with Quicaryn Velate and Wilril Tallcrippler. He’s also offered to pay the party if they can make contact with The Crows.

As the party has spoken with him honestly, they have learned that negotiation on how a favor could profit Durnan the 6th to be an effective means of persuasion.

Durnan the 6th

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